Thursday, April 13, 2006


It all starts on the very day when I become the Prime Minister of India. On that day I start to promulgate list of drastic changes and orders. I send a fiat through all channels of television at 7 a.m. asking all the citizens to submit the details of their property. This info will all be fed into a Super Computer so that each individual gets an ID card within 3 months, with individual Identity Number. Different coloured and coded cards will immediately tell your status and all other particulars about every individual. No more benami - even for politicians!

The second day begins. Reservation policy remains with the following conditions: First generation candidates get the full extent of the advantages of the existing reservation policy. Second generation gets only one third of the benefits. Children from financially sound families - identified from their respective security numbers fall under common pool. On the other hand children form poor families irrespective of their castes get the ‘one third benefits’. The minority ‘rights’ are to be replaced by minority ‘protection’.

The third day. Lots of news about threatened riots come from all corners of the nation. So the third day becomes a busy day - giving orders to the military and paramilitary forces to proceed to all corners of the nation. At 7 p.m. I telecast in all channels sending a very stern warning to the people trying for the ‘uprising’ of the masses. I mainly focus on the communal and religious leaders to keep their mouths shut. And finally a serious toned warning to all politicians of all hues and colours not to wag their tongues. I warn them that it is good for them to keep idle - no speeches; no comments; no notifications; no nothing. The final word from me is that all the wealth of them and their kith and kin will be blindly confiscated even if there is an iota of doubt about any of them. Lesser they talk safer their wealth. That seals the major source of troubles tight.

Fourth day. People have started to anxiously wait for my messages everyday at 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.. This day brings them total ban on hartal, strike, bandh and such things. Religious, communal, political processions and public meetings of all sorts are banned totally - just by a word from me. Bureacrats are warned that either they produce results or go home. The term ‘accountability’ in all walks of life is to be stricly followed and stressed.

Fifth day. A very mild pleasant morning. So also my telecast brings in mild suggestions and orders. No maternity leave for the second delivery. Cut of one increment for every child after the second child. Disqualification of people to hold any public office if they have more than two children. Politicians are filing all their tax returns for the past 10 years with the details of their wealth in these periods within the next 15 days. They can choose to do this or face further repercussions.

Sixth day - A think tank for the country is nominated. I select just 4 dependable people and make them charge of 4 different think-tanks - one for economics, one for social, one for administration and one for justice. These people have to select a set of intellectuals suitabale who should be above board in all respects. They are commanded to conduct affairs of their repective fields. They are to bring results at the shortest span possible. They are all supreme and take orders only from me.

The seventh day dawns. I have a feeling that I have achieved what I wanted to. I really feel tired. I cancel the daily routine. No telecast today. I relax. Go to bed. I’m almost slipping into a very deep slumber. But suddenly there is a slight drizzling. I woke up and find that my daughter is waking me up from my Sunday afternoon nap sprinkling water on my face.



Good imagination! Really, if this dreams are comming true, many dreams may find its reality.

We can achieve your objective, if our nation were an autocratic rather than democratic.

But, in future, we find such acts in our nation too.

தருமி said...

hi SP
when i was young like you i too thought a good-hearted-dictator can bring good to us. but history has taught us that there has never been a dictator with such golden heart. power corrupts and absolute power ........

aniket said...

really awesome sir ,your articles on dalits are really omniscient ,i am really greatful that i got an chance to read this ,even your short story is amazing please continue writing sir its a pleasure reading them

aniket said...

sir reading your articles is awesome this comment is not based on your this articles but it's said taking into account all your articles please continue writing also your method for solving the reservation system is awesome ....awaiting your articles

தருமி said...

thank you aniket. i too feel that i should continue my english blog too. but with a blog in tamil, i have left english blog high and dry. பிரசவ வைராக்கியம்!! - இது அவ்வப்போது வருவதுண்டு!

aniket said...

Dear sir, for the first time i am really feeling bad that i cnt read tamil ,hope to read articles soon

aniket said...

thank you sir for your response ,i am really disappointed that i cant read tamil ,awaiting your next article thank you sir

தருமி said...

sorry aniket.
i just said that it was all a momentary and impetus decision; dont know whether i will stick to that!