Wednesday, March 19, 2014



You’ve had a good life –
You’ve left a maverick mark
On the modern sands of education;
A lot of people respect you
A lot of your students adore you; you’ve made a little of a lot of students,
You’ve had French Café atmosphere times with the
                                                               aroma of intellectual stuff
you’ve enjoyed the world with your camera
you’ve lived and loved and laughed till you cried.

So be happy …. You ought to be
It’s only a few people who could have enjoyed life like you did.

I suppose you could have run other things too
May be better than others.
But when, if you could have done it then
You can do it now too.

At least
In a different way, through a different role,
With or without official badges.
It’s the things done which matters, yes?

Do it Sam. Make a difference
Start an organization like Cry – perhaps.
Make it work.
Make me more proud of you.
Come to think of it, for whatever little, it may mean to you
I never interacted like this, with anyone else
In the whole of the universe,
The soul of Sam means the most to me.

Since you came into my life,
Life has become heady like champagne ( J I’ve never tasted it but…)

I wish I could tell you
How much I like you
Or may be, just may be
You feel the same way
And so you know.

If at the end of life
If all souls are free and asked
To choose their own heaven
If God were to say to me
‘you’ve been good,
What do you want?’

I would say – ‘Sam”!