Saturday, June 23, 2007


It was during one of my rides on our Madurai roads in a late evening, I happened to witness a road accident involving a young couple and their few month old baby. They were just passing me on my right side when their vehicle hit the so-called 'median' on the road, which was hardly above the ground level. The median was also barely visible since there was no bright street light and any bright lights of vehicles coming in the opposite direction could have made the visibility all the more hard. Luckily the mother held her baby close to her and saved from any mishap. The couple had some minor bruises.

I left the place of accident not knowing who is to be blamed for this: the corporation, the police, or whole government machinery for the poor condition of the road and the median at that busy road junction.

When I was crossing the same spot after a day or two I saw some police official standing in that junction. I went and told him of the accident and the reason for it. Surprisingly he showed real concern and asked me what could be an immediate solution. I suggested at least for the time being a "traffic-drum" at the spot to show the road divide. He immediately called a cop and ordered him to get and place a "traffic-drum" within the next hour.

To my surprise on the very next day when I crossed that spot there was a "traffic-drum" and within the next two or three days there was some more modification which made that spot quite safer now. I was so happy that a police officer has shown so much care and concern.

Then, after a fortnight,I felt a new traffic island on the road (near Fatima College) I regularly commute had a problem. I talked about that to the cop (Mr. Kumar) standing there. He promised that he would send the phone number of Asst. Commissioner for traffic through the cop who would be on duty the next day. Next day the duty cop (Mr. Abu Bukker) gave me the number. Both these two cops were also very obliging and understood and accepted what I said.

I rang up the number and experienced joyous surprises one after another. I thought some lower level police man may attend the phone and would give me some evasive answer. But it is not so. It was the A.C. himself ( I came to know the name of the A.C. from Mr. Kumar and Mr. Abu Bukker: Mr. Sivanandan) who took the call. I asked him whether he could spare a few minutes. He readily obliged. I told him the problem. He asked few questions and more explanations. He very politely explained to me the plans they have already charted out for that traffic island and told me very earnestly that he would remember the problem that I talked about and would do the needful.

I am not yet sure whether both these officers are one and the same or not. However, it was a great surprise for me since in both the instances I got a very pleasant and utmost courteous responses and in both the instances I saw immediate action too.

I record my sincere appreciation for the person(s) concerned. It has made me feel so happy and hopeful of a bright future for our nation with such officers. I wish more and more bureaucrats of this sort come and save our country from its present rut.