Thursday, April 13, 2006


It is always considered that youngsters bubbling with youthful energy
are great dreamers. They, of course, don’t stop with dreaming;
instead with all the future ahead of them, they begin to plan to reach the
heights they dreamed. At least whether they do it this or not, that is
how they are expected to be. On the other hand, the oldies after having
gone through the trials and tribulations of their past, have little
hope left in them. This drives them towards some soul-soothing and
self-deceiving things and they normally start running behind those
self-professed in neo-sciences like numerology, nameology, gemology. Well,what one
observes nowadays is that, leave alone the oldies; -let them have their
fancies- the youngsters who have to repose their faith on their own
skills have started running behind these people who merchandise their
products so successfully using the glamor of media. Some channels
specialize on these types of programs. They would sprinkle religious-selling
also along these advertisement-programs....

People would have already gone through the experiences of pinning their
faith in horoscopes and such other traditional but fake-sciences. Even
when things don’t work out as per their horoscopes, they always have
the excuse that horoscopes are true; it is only the interpretation given
to them was wrong. The recent ‘disease’ that has been raging is vasthu.
Here again no two vasthu experts would concur on a point. Still
sheepishly people go behind such experts. As if this is not enough, a new crop
of physicians appear every day. They ‘cure’ all diseases. They always
have a human-anatomy chart at their back in every such show, none
knows for what purpose! And another peculiar aspect of these ‘doctors’ is
that their clinics as seen in the TV programs look so humble and still
how could they spend so much on advertising their ‘miracle cure’. It
only shows that more advertisement you make about yourself more crowd
follows you. It is becoming the land of pied pipers. This advertising mania
has captured not only these physical doctors; it has been suitably
followed by ’spiritual-doctors’. Anyway it is not sure who was the
forerunner in this ‘business’ – the spiritual ones or the physical ones!
However both claim ‘miracle healing’.

When older people go behind such people and their quirky wares it can
be said that they have gone through a lot of pains of life and are
trying to get some solace through such hope-giving balms. But the sad aspect
of this is youngsters are equally attracted to this hoodwink. Rather,
of late, youngsters show more inclination in changing their names
according to numerology, and in going for other such idiosyncrasies.

Does it not mean that our youngsters have lost the faith in themselves?
In that case, is there any other worse sign than this to our Nation’s

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