Saturday, April 01, 2006


If the disputes are on a piece of land – as it is between India and Pakistan or as it was between China and India – there could be some compromise and peace between countries at some point or other. If it is just a matter of pride – as it is between England and France – then it may not always lead to a Waterloo. When it is on economical resources – as it was between Iran and Kuwait – it could be over in a jiffy. But when it is on dogmas, especially religious dogmas the problem becomes endless. The present terrorism by the Islamic fundamentalists is based on
their religious faith. It is their religious duty , they believe, to avenge the infidels for their ‘crusade’ against Islam. As long as a fundamentalist group believes something is their religious obligation, then the first casualty is rationality and reasoning. It appears that we have to live and learn to live with this religious menace since the greatest superstition of all is to expect fundamentalists to heed to good sense.

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Samudra said...

Hope springs eternal.

A conflict of ideaologies and civilisations is emerging.We will be better off by recognising the coming danger and working towards averting it.However, there is much reluctance to acknowledge the obvious.