Thursday, June 29, 2006

24. WORLD CUP - MY DIARY-page 8


RESULT: 3 : 0

At last Ronaldo might have got his magical touch back. The first goal in the fifth minute of the match was a brilliant one. He could shirk away the off-side trick of the Ghanaians and then had a solo run only the custodian to beat. The last minute swerve he took to avoid the on rushing custodian was a beauty. It was all there for a fraction of a second, or even lesser than that. But it has the signature of Ronaldo of yester years.

Is it a good sign that he is coming back actually into the championship. If he continues to enthrall everyone with such tactical run and moves it would be great watching the samba team. Ronaldinho is still disappointing. He is yet to get his touch. Will he along with Ronaldo reach the right peak of their games at the crucial matches that are awaiting them? One has to hope so.

Of course Ghanaians had a spirited game and the African-Brazilians had to bow down before the original Brazilians !


tbr.joseph said...

Hi Sam!

I think Ghana also played beautifully and had more than equal share of ball possession. They matched the Brazilians in almost all areas except shooting!

As you have observed the Ronaldo magic was very much visible when he duped the goalie with a body swerve and scored the first goal.

Orani said...

hey sam,

I watched that game too. As Mr. TBR said Ghana played pretty good too, and that too matching with Brazil.

Although, I guess Ghanian did not have luck with shooting. Anyway, the game was really like the final one, that much thrill was there. Enjoyable.

Keep updating! Thanks.