Friday, June 16, 2006

20. WORLD CUP - MY DIARY-page 4


My real feelings about the British come out to the open many a time; for instance when I see some movies like “Earth’ I always spill the beans unashamedly, though I know that I am wrong on many points. (If you have patience, you can view my view of British here and the reasons for that.) When I see this match between England and Trinidad, because of the heroic saves of Hislop, the custodian for Trinidad in their previous match against Sweden I had a soft corner for that little nation and its heroes. When the forwards of England team, Crouch and Lampard missed great opportunities time and again my heart went for Trinidad out and out. The game also proceeded goalless for long till at last at 84th minute Crouch headed the ball into the goal of Trinidad and soon Gerard followed at 90th minute with one another goal.

The irritation over the failure of the England’s forwards was heightened by the excellence of Beckham’s brilliance. He was so efficient that all his long passes dipped right in front of the goal mouth, for the forwards just to finish it off with ease. But the forwards, Crouch and Lampard played very badly and missed many a chance. Beckham’s balls were like darts hitting the bull’s eye landed squarely before the forwards time and again all in vain.

On the other hand I could not understand why T & T played such a defensive game. My pick of the player of this match was Glen of Trinidad. He came in the second half as a substitute. He had the great knack of dodging many defenders of England and was able to create many chances at England’s goal mouth for his team. But the pathetic thing was that the Trinidadians were mostly on their half and he did not get any support from his team mates. Had there been a little cooperation from them, he could have changed the fate of the game in favor of his team. Such was his game. He could make solo runs with the ball and that is the end of things. Without proper support he could not end such forays into goals.

Anyway the better team won the match.

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