Friday, June 23, 2006

22. WORLD CUP - MY DIARY-page 6

BRAZIL vs JAPAN result: 4 : 1

At last Ronaldo has broken his voodoo and has come out of the spell with two goals in this game. But Brazil, probably, needed a knee jerker. Though the ball possession statistics was favourable with Brazil, it was the Japanese who scored the first goal. It appeared that this opened the flood gates since there was more vigour in the game now and within a very few minutes Ronaldo headed a ball into the goal. Ronaldo made us think that scoring a goal was after all so easy. All these happened in the first half. In this half, it looked that Brazil wanted to specialise in minus passes and the game was very much restricted to their half. Only very sporadically Brazilians forayed into their opponent's half.

The game after the moiety took a different turn as the ball moved from one end to the other often. Though the Japanese tried very much only their citadel fell three times. The fourth goal was by Ronaldo again and some shadow of his artistic talents was to be seen in this goal. However, throughout Ronaldo was there in the field like a queen bee in its hive waiting for its slaves to bring whatever the queen bee wanted. His active movements were sparse. But all said and done, he has come back and proved his presence with those two goals entering into the record books. Let him strike back to his form and let more football flow from him.

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