Monday, August 14, 2006


At last I have made it. I have made my senior colleague and friend Mr. J.Vasanthan to start a blog of his own -, after so much persuasion. I had to pull /push him into this since I thought his works, present and past, would be a joy to read for the bloggers. What was so far in print media should also get into this blog-world, I thought.

JV was a former English Professor in The American College, Madurai. He is man of many talents. He staged so many English plays in our college. Had been a prolific writer, film critic, artist, cartoonist…the list goes on! His writing is not the rib-tickling type, instead subtle and intellectual types.

JV has accepted to bring the regular columns he is presently writing in Metro Plus (Madurai edition), The Hindu under the title: Down the memory lane. His own drawings enrich each article. Wish that he brings in all his earlier writings also here in his blog since many of those have stood the test of time and are interesting to read as they would have been few decades back.

Hope bloggers of Blogdesam enjoy his writing.


Orani said...

Wow, sam, I visited his page. He is amazing. I know, I am going to like his way of writing. And also think that he has a lot to share over here, which we all benefit from. Yet, I have to rest of his two other article.

Thanks for bringing him up here.


priya said...

Thanks for sharing.

துளசி கோபால் said...

Thanks Dharumi.

Welcome JV

delphine said...

Yes Sir. I too havre read his coloumn in THE HINDU. A warm welcome to him. Thanks for making him to share his thoughts.

G.Ragavan said...

Well done Dharumi. I was just mesmerized with the simple english flow. Now I understand the reason. :-)

manu said...

good deed Sam,
going to enjoy his words.

It is really nice to read
his kind of english.
thank you for JV.

sam said...

like what i said in his blog, i am proud and happy for what i had done.
thank you all folks.

Ponniyinselvan said...

respected sir,
you know of late i have stopped adressing anyone as 'respected'.But i am sure you command it from me.Sir,will you mind giving your mail i.d as i would like to discuss about a lot of things,especially,English teaching[i am an English teacher].
karthik amma

sam said...

dear ma'am,
i had been a college teacher. but not an English teacher, though i have a liking for languages. but the person whom i am introducing in this post has been a successful English teacher.

however i would be happy to communicate with you. i sent a mail to the id that i had in this comment but it got bounced.
my id: