Thursday, August 10, 2006


Dare to be different is a pet phrase for me. If one has to stand alone on a principle or conviction then he can and should. But one need not be different just for the sake of being different from others. This second behavior would then be aptly called ‘eccentricity’. Though Word web gives the meaning for this word as ‘Strange and unconventional behavior’ there has to be a tinge of madness in it also since people give any eccentric person a slight look.

Do the Americans come under this category? When the whole world was driving on the left they alone made it to right. Were they right ? What made them drive right, none knows. Was it just because the whole world was ‘left’, I mean driving on the left side of the roads. Or did they want the whole world steer to ‘right’? Good rightists, anyway! (No political connotation, please!)

Steering to right was sometimes interpreted as showing their insolence to British. But they have thrown their weight with British as far as weighing is concerned! While most of the world weighs in Kilos they still keep pounding on pounds. Their ‘mileage’ also is still as good as British. So the theory of being insolent to British fails.

Also they are not as good as British in many respects. For British, the successful policy of divide and rule is kid stuff. From time immemorial they are adept in this art. They would break anything into pieces or at least into two, like for instance, India and Pakistan. Their greatness is that even after breaking people’s neck like that, they would be able to keep ‘cordial’ relationship with them. It may be under the guise of forum like Commonwealth.

Americans show the opposite of this British feature. If British used to play both with the cat and mouse successfully and simultaneously, the Americans play a different ball game. They first play with mouse and try to make it a big bandicoot so that it now thinks that it can defeat the cat. Whether that happens or not, now the ‘big’ bandicoot starts giving problem to its own mentor. Mentor now becomes ‘enemy # 1'. Now the fight would be not between the cat and mouse but the bandicoot and the mentor. When Britain has been successful with its noble philosophy of ‘divide and rule’, U.S. is not successful with its cat and mouse game. Look at Vietnam. The Americans supported Ngo Dinh Diem, an anti communist against Ho Chi Minh and to their bitter experience Diem turned against Americans.

If that was a thing of past, their present problem with the Taliban backed Al-Quida is another example proving that U.S. is not adept like their British allies in such international games. In all their political ploys every time they get terrific backfire. The problem is they never learn from their mistakes. Probably another sign of their eccentricities.


priya said...

Check out this site:

Why can't they be different?? They have their own identity and they value it.
India has an identity of british in many systems rather customs and traditions.
Shudn't we proud of our own identity. Can you tell me any gadgets exported are made in India? Leave out textiles and food products..

Orani said...

Eccentricity, the whole society falls in that category in wanting to be different (conciously at least in the beginning).

Unfortunately, as you said the cat, mouse turned out to be bandicoot strategy did not work out very well these days.

Good post, sam! Looking forward to have more.

sam said...

Leave out textiles and food products.. //
why not include our SW engineers and scientists!?

sam said...

Looking forward to have more.//வம்பை விலைக்கு வாங்குறீங்க!!
anyway want to continue long autobiographical notes interspersed with short notes like this one.! வருக; ஆதரவு தருக !! :(

priya said...

I accept we have the best professionals. But why do they leave and come here. They have better choices and freedom to do when you have recognition. Do you think young professionals will be given choice in India. It is always comparison and age and casteism in India to compete in any jobs.
Here age is not a factor to work anywhere and they respect your hardwork.
Many talented people are left out when others grab their chance thru' recommendations and so called politics in India.
Vambu dhan...
But I know you are a good writer in politics in tamilmanam and I am happy I can exchange my thoughts here.
I can improve my knowledge with goood writers

sam said...

i think both of us have side tracked from the main point of the post. it was to 'attack' both the americans and the british, meddling in the international affairs. especially i have a great dislike for the british and i have a strong feeling that their avaracious colonization in the yester years around the world had led to so many international problems of the day.

priya said...


I agree it interferes in everybody's business. Thaz why they call themselves super power. We have to digest as they know how to keep their country better off than others.
As long as these countries can sell off arms and ammunitions , they will be powerful. What can we do about the past. Its history and to change, we have to be identical. Why have the same british system and follow the same patterns over and over. Are we proud of ourselves to say once we where colonialized.
They ruled the world as they want to keep everything in their control.
Americans are clever and their only goal is to improve their economy and their country. To have a support they need british. British support americans to get few benefits of americans. Its all a tunnel but the same old water.

Orani said...


You posed your question to Sam, however, I feel I can answer to your question.

Indeed, the reason why our educated youths are leaving the country and work with the higher end is majorly for money, nothing else. After that only whatever the other factor you are talking about, recognization or respecting their innovative spirit come into play.

Though, the matter of fact is, do not think the money machine which is the West, is totally giving you the freedom and recognization what do you deserve. It gets out the essence and you are left out at the end.

I know lots of my seniors, have realized that fact very late in the their life and suggesting now to the very youths that 'be pioneer in your field in your own country rather than be one in many in a foriegn land.'

I see that trend is very true! Over worked and underpaid. It is not only the 'land of opportunity, it is matter of factly, the land of opportunist.'

priya said...


Oppotunities are ther everywhere.If you think money alone is the major factor, think about ppl' who spend so much money to get a visa and then its rejected. His/her opportunity fails at the first step. Ppl' are paid better of in India too, but ppl' who come here to study/ work just stay back. Why don't they go back to their motherland?? The life here is different and you can pick up/grab any opportunity.
Do you think you can work in stores/gas stations in India even with MBA/IT degrees. Many non-immigrants do here to survive and they enjoy. They do not see the difference as long as the can survive. It can be a short period till they get an another project.
Will ppl' do the same in India till they get full time jobs.
Nope. Your career will be dropped to down zero.
I have to disagree its only for money. If somebody get 300 dollars in local, its the jsut like in India you get 300 ruppes and do not even convert it.
Why India does not increase its rupee value??
Pioneer in your own country- only if you have good income or know higher officals.
Just go back and ask yourself: what did you do/ have achieved to be a pioneer??