Sunday, July 23, 2006



**********During the matches there was a row of persons wearing bright orange colored vests. These people would be standing around the stadium facing the audience,while the fierce battle for supremacy would be going on at their backs. Any lively action at the ground would be reflected by the vociferous audiences. But these persons would stoically stand guard, never getting tempted to turn to see what was happening at their backs. When the whole world was watching the match they would be turning their backs to the play. So near they were, yet so far they were from the matches! How would they have selected people for this unenviable job? Did they pick up avid cricket fans from India?

Even for any one dayer one could find a big crowd on the roadside teashops and shop windows to witness the telecast of these matches. So is our interest in Cricket. But no such thing was sighted in all these days of world over football fever. Our Indians stoically kept away from such ‘trivial sports’!

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*********People say that God is Omniscient and all that. It seems It knows past, present and future.
During the football match days I used to wonder sitting before a TV at every match. The questions in my mind would be always who would win the match and whom did I want to win and all that suspense. This feeling heightened as the championship proceeded. There would be a lot of suspense and at the end of the every match according to my expectations and wishes I would be either feeling happy or sad. Anyway that sort of gripping suspense till the last minute keeps the interest in the whole championship and in every game.

But I used to wonder – If there is a God, naturally It would know the results for every match even before the match starts! And also the final winner of the championship even before the football fever starts for the whole world. So no suspense to the Almighty! Right?

What a boring ‘life’ it would be for the Almighty – a life devoid of any suspense, a long and boring one ! POOR GOD!!

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