Sunday, July 16, 2006

28. WORLD CUP - MY DIARY-page 12


RESULT: 5 : 3 (PSO)

Much water has flown under the bridge. Once the final was over the mood to complete this diary also waned. Both the teams went in full steam from the first whistle and an early goal by France thru a penalty made it all the more fierce. Then came the equalizer within the regular time. So it was 1 : 1 and the game went into extra time. There were two fierce head-butts from Zidane, the French captain. One during the second half and it hit the horizontal bar and the Italian goal survived. But in the second butt the victim did fall flat. That was a brutal head-butt by Zidane onto the chest of Matterizi, the Italian player. Zidane was duly shown the red card and was sent just a few minutes before the match came to an end after the extra time. Then in the penalties the first shots by each team was scored but the second and third shots were missed by the French while it was all so easy for the Italians. And victory was theirs.

The Zidane affair is being discussed for long now and since Matterizi has made some foul and personal remarks, the world has gone with Zidane and felt sad for the way he left the ground since it is the last in the long and glorious march of the French in the last three championships.

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