Thursday, February 10, 2011


Every morning a few points of my BP shoot up a little and then after one or two hours it comes down to its original state. My doctor suggested that I try to avoid this unnecessary hip hop of my pressure. The only way out is to stop reading the newspaper. What could an old retired guy like me do other than this everyday morning? Does it not become a routine part of our lives? Imagining the numbers of zeroes you have to add to the assumed amounts of corruptions makes anybody jitterybut it is a nice pastime! It is even more interesting than playing the sudoku! So I could not help but reading the news and playing a ‘deadly’ game with my blood pressure.

But two days back a centre page news item made me feel so happy. I did not feel any usual head swinging after reading the paper. It was a different story. One centre page news item told that Italy is more corrupt than India – at least one step ahead. The country does not stop with that. The sexual exploits of the PM, which can be competed ball-for-ball by one of our own old governors, are really awesome. How can we, the normal human beings, try to feel envy of those ‘big people’ and their games? Italy’s PM not only enjoys his ball game with ‘under-age nymphets’ but also earns the support of half of the country’s poplulation. But I don’t know whether the sexual exploits and the support have any correlation. The story was long and very interesting, and challenging too for the Indian bahus.

With this joyous mood I closed the paper for the day. But suddenly another thought came to my mind. It was a sort of scientific query. It was about HYBRIDS. Dictionary says a hybrid is an offspring produced by two different varieties of parents. A question propped up in my mind. What would happen if there is some one as an ‘offspring’ of an Indian – Italian pair taking the prime post in India?
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Disclaimer: This post without any picture is very dull. So just to add some ‘colour’ I am adding a few photos of known people. Don’t connect the content of the post with the photos.

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Thekkikattan|தெகா said...

A question propped up in my mind. What would happen if there is some one as an ‘offspring’ of an Indian – Italian pair taking the prime post in India?//

My guess is, that could be a disastrous outcome :D ... we got to wait in the line to see the true picture; until the curtain roll up. We can't see what is happening now behind the screen.

It is good to see you here!!

sriram janak said...

I don't know the people whose photos you have added to your post. So I cannot connect with them...since I belong to The "mango " category "..